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TravelTab Adventurer

More Time, Less Money, More Adventures

Life is an adventure and travel can almost certainly be a challenging adventure. TravelTab Adventurer takes the stress out of travel by arming you with all the tools to deal with any adventure travel can throw at you.

Adventurer Key Features

phone-icon-80x80Easily Stay Connected
With Adventurer, you won’t need to stress about using your own phone and paying for ridiculous roaming fees and data overage fees. Adventurer will keep you connected to the office and your family with ease, all while saving you money.


wifi-icon-80x80Personal, Safe, Reliable, Secure Wi-Fi Hotspot
Stream movies, hammer out some emails, listen to some tunes. Adventurer comes with a personal, unlimited data, secure Wi-Fi hotspot that can power up to 5 other devices with sweet, sweet, surfing Wi-Fi.


nav-icon80x80We Get You There
We don’t want anyone getting lost, so the Adventurer comes standard with a robust, easy-to-use, voice-activated, multi-language (up to 60 different languages), real-time traffic reports and constantly updated map GPS system that doesn’t mess around.


appsApps. Lots & Lots Of Apps

Everyone loves apps. Adventurer adores them. Stocked with an abundance of easy-to-use apps, Adventurer will keep you amused, keep you active, keep you in touch with your Facebook friends, and help you crunch some numbers at the same time if you’re into all that.


shoppingDiscounts. Sweet, Sweet Discounts

Adventurer is always on the lookout for amazing discounts along the way to help save you money on attractions, dining, shopping, and more. Get a sweet deal on that luggage set you’ve been eye-balling or keep the kiddos happy with some ride discounts.


Video – Adventurer is Your Ultimate Travel Companion


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