Calling & Texting | TravelTab

Quick Start Guide

Calling & Texting

With an assigned phone number, your TravelTab device can place calls and send text messages using credits available for purchase.

Making Calls

From the home screen, find the phone number assigned to your device to receive calls. This number will be used to make calls too. Touch “Phone” as shown below to place a call, then dial a phone number and touch “Call.” End your call when active by touching “End.” Available credits and credits per hour can be seen in your

Text Messaging

Text messages are easy with our messaging app. Simply choose messages from the home screen, input your recipient and compose your message.

Purchase Credits

To buy additional credits for phone calls and texts, touch the “Purchase Credits” button from the home screen, or “Buy Credits” from the top right. Credits can be purchased in increments of 30, 60 or 120 as shown. You may also enter promo codes if one was provided, then touch “Apply” to use.

Phone Support

We also offer phone support to help you on-the-go. Touch “Call Support” to reach out to a TravelTab support member.