Coupons & Offers

Take advantage of exclusive deals using your TravelTab device with our coupons and offers. From museums and local activities to events and concerts, TravelTab can help you save big on your next adventure! Simply choose your location at the top … Read More

Calling & Texting

With an assigned phone number, your TravelTab device can place calls and send text messages using credits available for purchase. Making Calls From the home screen, find the phone number assigned to your device to receive calls. This number will … Read More

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Overview Setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot is made easy on your TravelTab device, letting you share your Internet connection with other devices, like laptops and tablets. Purchase Wi-Fi You can purchase Wi-Fi through your device by touching “Purchase Wi-Fi Connections.” … Read More


Get directions with the easy-to-use TravelTab navigator application. To begin, select the green “Navigation” option on the home screen (top left.) You can then choose from entering a new address (“Drive To”) viewing past destinations (“History”) or viewing a live … Read More

Device Overview

Hardware Buttons Each button on your Travel Tab device is mapped to specific functions. The right side buttons include volume up and down and the power button. On the front of the device is the back and home buttons. These … Read More

TravelTab selects HERE Mobile SDK to make travel easier for tourists in the US, Canada and Mexico

Berkeley, CA – TravelTab, a leader in travel convenience products and technology, selected HERE as the mapping and navigation provider for its new travel companion devices available to car rental customers in the United States, Canada and Mexico. TravelTab has … Read More