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Looking for ways to expose your brand to a unique audience of travelers?

TravelTab offers the opportunity to reach a very unique, highly sought after niche of arriving international and domestic travelers – all looking to stay connected and explore their destination during their visit.

TravelTab is available in all major cities and distributed at rental car locations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico.


What is TravelTab?

TravelTab is a portable device that provides travelers with everything they need to navigate and explore their destination, including:

  • International calling
  • Secure Wi-Fi platform
  • Dedicated navigation
  • In-in-market digital discounts and promotions to local attractions, shopping, dining properties.

Our Audience

TravelTab devices are in the hands of tens of thousands of high-spending travelers each day. We can deliver this valuable customer segment to you, and drive them to visit your location during their stay.

Advertising Opportunities

TravelTab Store

Where customers look for deals

Our customers are always looking for things to do when they are in a new city. The TravelTab Store lets you place your product or service in front of these travelers to drive their incremental business to your location with coupons and special promotions.

TravelTab Messaging

Alerts customers to your product

Catch the attention of our customers by sending message or promotion via our native messaging platform. Delivery your brand’s targeted message directly to travelers while they are engaged with their TravelTab and planning what to do in their destination.

TravelTab Apps

Link directly to your own App

Do you have a unique APP that can help our travelers while they are in-market? Promote your brand’s APP on TravelTab and drive these new users directly to your brand’s experience during their visit.

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Advertising your brand or product with TravelTab opens up a hard-to-access audience of in-market travelers. To learn more about these advertising opportunities email our Business Development Team for more information.