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TravelTab Began with a Simple Question.

With all that technology can do, why hasn’t it revolutionized the way we Travel?

The short answer is that the travel industry has always focused its technology on providing solutions to consumers before their trips, rather than when they reach their destination. But, let’s face it – we’re all longing for some pretty basic things when we’re in unfamiliar territory: Easy-to-Use Navigation, fast and secure Wi-Fi, and the ability to call home.

Somewhere along the line, traveling in a new place became complicated.

Roads were developing too fast for Navigation Interfaces to keep up with. Cellular companies started capitalizing on roaming charges, and even dipped their hands in the Wi-Fi Hotspot sector, charging an excess of fees for some very basic travel amenities.

But, connectivity shouldn’t be ridiculously expensive or frustrating.

We found that we could develop rich travel technology on modern platforms that offered fast, affordable, and convenient tools that every traveler needs and wants. They just might not realize they exist all in one place.

Meet TravelTab.

The world’s first and only in-travel technology offering Convenience, Cost Savings, and Secure Connectivity.

Who Are We?
Founded in 2012, TraveTab (Frontline Technology Solutions) is a mobile technology-focused company providing robust products for the travel industry.

Headquartered in Winter Park, FL, TravelTab has successfully partnered with world-renowned brands including Advantage, Avis/Budget, Dollar/Thrifty, Enterprise Holdings, Inc., Hertz, and others to offer products, technology and service solutions focused on making travel easier. Our products are available in every major U.S. market plus popular travel destinations in Mexico and Canada.

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To learn more about TravelTab and its various offerings, products, and services, please call 877-659-9336 or fill out our contact form.

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If you are having issues or have questions about your TravelTab device call for support at 877-938-7216